Finale needs two bootups to produce sound through Virtual Drumline

Hello Tapspace friends!

Ive been encountering an issue lately where Finale needs two (or more) startups to produce sound through VDL.  I have a link below that shows the issue I am encountering. 

This video shows the sound issues I am having with Virtual Drumline 2.5 and Finale 2009. As you can see in the video when I first open the file, the organ from Garriton instruments is producing sound. I then open up the Kontakt Player to show that Virtual Drumline does produce sound on its own. After that, I close finale and reopen it. Voilà everything works. My question is, why didn't it work the first time. This is becoming a consistent issue where I always need two reboots of Finale.  Most recently, on my second bootup, I didn't have sound and after hitting play a few times, the VDL sounds came in very abrupt.  Like they are having trouble with memory or Ram.

My specs are:

INTEL Quad Core Q6600 2.4 Ghz
5.00 GB of Ram
64 Bit OS
Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

My first guess would be that you need to update Finale. Fin2009 is very old and isn't supported. Then I'd update VDL to 2.5.5. Is this a recent issue, something within the last couple of days, or an ongoing problem?
My version of Finale is the most up to date.  Finale 2009c.r2  I will look into updating VDL to the paid update of 2.5.5.  The problem started happening about a week ago.  Ive used this version of Finale and VDL together for years and never encountered it.  I also have Finale 2011 but it had a bug where everytime I clicked on the ";mf"; tool, it would crash.  I went back and forth with Makemusic to see what the problem was but it had to be on my end because when I sent them the file or XML file, it didn't crash on their end.  So I'm stuck using an older version of Finale that at least only crashes once a week or so. 
By update I mean a more modern version, such as 2011. The current version is Finale 2014d. Have you looked at how much hard drive space you have available?
I have a 300 GB HD and 60 GB are remaining.  I wish 2011 worked for me but it sits in its case.  Makemusic tried to help but since the problem didn't happen on their end, they couldn't solve it.  I will look at upgrading to 2014 shortly.  I just worry that the issues I had with 2011 will happen again with 2014.
It's also possible that you're working with a RAM deficiency. These days (especially when running Windows 7), 5GB doesn't seem like much. It may cost less (and be less headache) to upgrade your RAM and hope for the best there. Of course, caveat emptor. It's just one aspect of your overall setup to consider. Ted's comments about Finale 2009 are definitely valid, though I can understand your reluctance to updating.
Sounds like I just need to upgrade some things.  Thanks for the help guys, as always!
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