Finale 2014, VDL, and OSX 10.10.4

I just updated my OS and now I'm having all kinds of issues from crashing (mostly) to extreme lags in playback. Is anyone else having an issue since upgrading, or is just me?

Technology, sheesh.

I haven't heard anything like this, but I'm sure a lot of it would depend on what you're using.

Kontakt version?
VDL library version?
TWS template or not?
Operating System?
Which notation software/version?


Make sure you have updated Finale to version 2014d. That should solve many of these types of problems.

Thanks for your replies. I spent 2 weeks dealing w Finale tech support (who were great in trying to offer solutions) but ultimately I had to blank my machine and reinstall OSX. All is good now, must've been the Gremlins again....???

Thanks for the support over here as well!
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