Easiest, Most convenient way to create flams?

I've done a bit of searching thru the forum and not found an answer to this particular question:

While using Speedy Entry in Finale 2014, is there an easier way to input flams without having to add the extra notes and then go back and turn the extra note into grace notes by using the ";G"; key?

This seems labor intensive and with so much music being produced, I'm sure someone has come up with a workaround for this...(I hope!). Is there not a way to create a meta-tool like you can in the articulation menu...where I am able to assign a key to an articulation?

One last thing: I've noticed in the Tapspace scores, all of the gracenotes look like slashed eighth notes. Is this because you choose to always use the 1/8 as a grace note? Or does it matter if I/we use various note values for the grace note?

I have found a wealth of knowledge here on adjusting the playback of gracenotes, but nothing in the way of simplifying the entry of flams. I hope one of you Finale, VDL, WriteScore geniuses can help me out...!

Many thanks in advance!

Here are a couple of places to look at when dealing with grace notes in Finale.

1. Under the Speedy Entry Menu > Speedy Entry Commands > Grace Note is ; key and Slash Grace Note is the ` key. These key commands should change any entered note to a grace note.

2. Under the Document Menu > Document Options > Grace Notes > there is a check box for 'Always Slash Grace Notes'.

As for the original note value entered, I've found that as long as the playback value is set, it did not seem to matter if I used an eighth or sixteenth note.
Thanks Ted.

I'm somewhat familiar with those options, I was just wondering if there was an even [i]more[/i] speedy way of inputting the grace note...without having to turn off the ";Jump to the next measure"; feature and think so hard about where all of these notes are supposed to be after I go back and turn them all into the grace notes I intend them to be.

I suppose I'm just being lazy :)

Thanks for the info!
Don't wait to turn them into grace notes. Make that change as you enter notes.
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