Playback issue in Finale 2014

So I just upgraded to finale 2014 and have come across an issue that I didn't deal with in previous versions. I have four separate staves set up for my auxiliary percussionists. In the score manager,I put all of these staves on the same channel and the same percussion map, rack combo b.  I  assigned an expression tool to one of the staves that went to a different channel to use the tree works windchimes. Unfortunately, every time the wind chimes play, the other three Stavs no longer produce sound.  It's as if the expression tool is controlling all for Stavs even though it is only assigned to one, at least that I can tell. I then went into the score manager and changed the other three percussion stabs to different channels and now I can hear everything, but when I use my midi keyboard, I don't hear the appropriate sounds because the channels don't line up with the channel I assigned to the rack in my kontakt player. I'm assuming all of my percussion channels need to be on the same channel so I can hear them play back correctly when I hit my midi keyboard but why is the expression tool overruling all the staves instead of just the one.
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