Setup Problems

Okay so I downloaded everything and I watched the videos and placed all the files where they told me to, however I can't get VDL to work in Finale. The Kontakt player doesn't even show up in Finale. I have Finale 2014 and VDL 2.5. Can anyone give me some guidance?

You'll need to be a little more descriptive than that. If you're having difficulty installing Virtual Drumline and/or Kontakt Player, you can submit a [url=]support ticket[/url] with Tapspace.

If your main goal is integrating the VDL library into a notation software environment like Finale, we highly recommend you consider a template from [url=]The Write Score[/url]. If you already have a Finale/VDL template, be sure to carefully read the documentation and if you're still stuck, contact The Write Score and they can help point you in the right direction.
Well even when I try to select my instruments to make a score VDL instruments don't show up? Is that still a Write Score problem?
Installing Virtual Drumline doesn't automatically mean it's going to appear in your notation software. That's what the templates have been designed for.

I think it's less a Write Score issue than it is an issue of whether you've correctly followed the instructions that came with your Write Score template package. I'd suggest you re-read the documentation that came with your Write Score template.

From what you've written here, it's still unclear to me if you're even using a template. If you don't have a Write Score template, I'd recommend picking one up at Integrating VDL within Finale or Sibelius is *way* easier if you're using those, and following their instructions.

I've followed their instructions and placed all of the folders in the correct spots. However I can't even get VDL to open in the Kontakt player.

Also, Kontakt doesn't show up as a VST when I open Finale.
If you're having problems adding your Virtual Drumline library within Kontakt, you can submit a [url=]support ticket[/url] with Tapspace. There are also installation instructions that came with the library.

If you're not seeing Kontakt within Finale, you may want to read [url=]this FAQ[/url].

If you end up requesting further assistance, I'd urge you to be thorough in describing the exact steps you've followed, and include some screenshots of what you're seeing. You'll receive much more reliable help if you're descriptive and complete.
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