Kontakt 4?


I recently downloaded Kontakt 4 and I've upgraded to VDL 2.5.5.  Everything works fine on my laptop, but my desktop is having some issues.  Accessing Kontakt 4 as a stand alone, I have no audio when I test the instruments.  It's getting signal and showing volume as you play the instrument, but no sound is coming through my speakers. All other sounds/programs are coming through my speakers just fine, but the Kontakt 4 isn't.  I mirrored the audio and midi set up that my laptop has, which produces sound and my desktop still doesn't produce sound.  Should this be a support ticket? Can I find answers here? Thanks so much for your help in advance. 
A couple things to check:

In the Kontakt Audio Preferences, make sure your 'device' setting is set to the device you expect to use.

Also, in the ";Output"; section of Kontakt (click the button near the top of the interface, and you'll see some faders appear), check the first ";St.1"; fader and ensure each channel is going to the R/L channel of your desired interface. This is usually automatic, but sometimes you have to configure it manually.
Thank you so much Jim.  It was the Output fader.  Thanks so much again.
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