Kontakt 4?


I recently downloaded Kontakt 4 and I've upgraded to VDL 2.5.5.  Everything works fine on my laptop, but my desktop is having some issues.  Accessing Kontakt 4 as a stand alone, I have no audio when I test the instruments.  It's getting signal and showing volume as you play the instrument, but no sound is coming through my speakers. All other sounds/programs are coming through my speakers just fine, but the Kontakt 4 isn't.  I mirrored the audio and midi set up that my laptop has, which produces sound and my desktop still doesn't produce sound.  Should this be a support ticket? Can I find answers here? Thanks so much for your help in advance. 
Thank you so much Jim.  It was the Output fader.  Thanks so much again.
A couple things to check:

In the Kontakt Audio Preferences, make sure your 'device' setting is set to the device you expect to use.

Also, in the ";Output"; section of Kontakt (click the button near the top of the interface, and you'll see some faders appear), check the first ";St.1"; fader and ensure each channel is going to the R/L channel of your desired interface. This is usually automatic, but sometimes you have to configure it manually.
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