Accelerando won't playback on Finale in VDL Template

Hello, friends!

I'm just looking to fix this issue I've run into dealing with the accelerando function on Finale.  I originally had all the pit/wind music music for this show in a non-VDL Template document.  I dumped it all in my VDL template from TWS and now my accelerando in the middle of the movement won't work.  It starts at one tempo and kind of jumps straight to the next tempo when it gets to it instead of gradually getting faster like you might expect.

I have of course figured that it was a human playback thing causing this since it is set on ";standard"; in the original score and it is switched off in the VDL score.  Is there still a way to use the accelerando function on finale with Human Playback off?  I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but I will happy to hear if I'm wrong!

I could try making a slight change in tempo every bar to get a similar effect for the sake of the recording, but I really wish I could get it smoother than that with HP off.  Luckily, I didn't have many diddles that needed to playback, so I went ahead and switched HP on and subdivided the diddle notes to get the same rhythm in the recording, but there will be a time when I'm not able to get away with that as easily.  Any suggestions to make that a little easier in the future?  Or are the ways I've mentioned the only real workarounds?

Either way, thank you for your thoughts on this, guys!!


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