Suspended Cymbals

I am using Sibelius 7.1.3.  I use suspended cymbals for concert band writing.  For the life of me, I've never been able to get the playback to work correctly.  What I've been doing, which I'm sure is incorrect, is do a cymbal crash in the cymbal instrument.  Then I copy it to susp. cymbal, put on the slashes for roll and that's it.

I don't get the correct sound.  So, can somebody please explain to me what to do to get the suspended cymbal playback to work correctly. 



There's two suspended instruments for each size cymbal, which one do you normally use?

Personally, I use the ";A"; instrument.  The noteheads there are 1 for sustained roll, 40 for sustained with muted release, 41 for short roll, 42 for medium and 43 for long.  For the most part, the noteheads are top line F.

Do you have an example you can send and I'll look at and see if I can explain it further?
Hi Bill,

When I used the top line F, it worked correctly.  I'm not sure what you meant by the 40,41 etc.

It does now work though.


40 and 41 are some of the notehead numbers for the various length rolls.
Look at your VDL Maps in the suspended cymbals section. The noteheads for a crash are not necessarily the same noteheads for a roll.
And just to clarify, the VDL Maps that Joe mentions are the ones pertaining to the template from The Write Score. There's a ";VDL Maps"; document in there that explains what each notehead does for each instrument (and on which line it should be placed, and in some cases, whether it requires a specific articulation).

Keep that document handy. It's probably one of the most important reference points if you're using the VDL with the templates from The Write Score.

This is, of course, all assuming you're using the templates from The Write Score. :)
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