Sib 7.5 & Win 10?

Anyone bold enough to try it yet???  If so, any problems?  I hate Win 8.1 really bad but at the same time am reluctant to download Win 10 just yet....
Hahaha thanks for the info Hugh I appreciate it!! :)
I don't have any personal experience with Windows 10, but if you have critical work to accomplish, and assuming your current system is generally functioning properly, I'd strongly advise against doing an operating system upgrade. As tempting as it can be to get a new, shiny OS, rarely do those migrations go super smoothly.

As those Avid links pointed out, Sibelius isn't yet supported on Windows 10.

If you're a Virtual Drumline user and rely on Kontakt, Native Instruments are also recommending you don't update yet either:
Thanks Jim. Good to know about Kontakt.
Just an update that the [url=]Native Instruments link[/url] I posted above was updated on August 12th stating that they don't see any compatibility issues with Windows 10.

[url=]Avid's Knowledgebase[/url] seems to show that their Sibelius is compatible with Windows 10. Keep in mind, this probably only applies to the current versions of their software, so if you're on an older version (and want to stay there), proceed with caution.

[url=]Makemusic also reports[/url] Windows 10 compatibility for specific versions of Finale. Check their site to ensure your version of Finale is compatible.

That said, buyer beware! If you have important work or projects due, be sure to make a full backup of your system before updating to a brand new OS, and also be sure to check with the developers of all your software (including plugins, background utilities, printer drivers, backup software, etc.) to ensure that your new operating system doesn't actually end up creating more trouble for you.
UPDATE:  I didn't have any problems at all with Sib 7.5 and Win 10.  However, I do not plan on upgrading to Sib 8 anytime ....ever haha.  I hope that Steinberg's application comes out in the next 18 months/2 years. 
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