Being contracted for work

Hi all,

I'm very curious what your viewpoint is on this topic.

In the marching activity, I've recently been hired by DCI groups and other marching ensembles for projects that include writing music and sound editing.

What is your stance on the payment process? Do you require a contract? Do you require a 50% deposit before work starts and then the remaining 50% deposit in exchange of the completed work? Do you complete all of the work and then let the group pay you months later?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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I know this is a late response...usually what I do with a school/group where I am either a) familiar with the group's staff on a personal level or b) I know people who have worked with that school/group and not been burned, then I will do 50% up front and 50% when the show is completed.

If it is a new group that I've never worked with AND I don't know anyone who works or has worked with the group in the past, and I'm worried, I might do 50% up front, 25% after 2/3 of the show is complete, and then the balance when the show is complete.

Generally I've never had any problems getting paid.
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