Possible glitch in cymbals in Sib7.5

Hey guys,

I recently upgraded to Sibelius 7.5 and think I may have come across a small bug that I wanted you and Hugh to be aware of.  I'm using the VDL 7.0a template and everything still plays back fine when I open older scores but I encountered an issue with the cymbal mute release function.  When I used the regular cymbal note head (#41) and the text ";mute"; it would not play back a muted suspended sound.  However, the actual muted note head (#40) sound still works fine in for playback in Sib7.5.  Wasn't sure if anyone had encountered this same problem or maybe I'm the only one who still uses the dictionary item text.

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Hi Jamieson

Do you still have my email address? Send me a .sib file with an example of this.
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