No luck yet with Finale 2014 running on Windows 10

Quick background - was happily running VDL 2.5 on Finale 2011 for years.  Old laptop crapped out, got a new machine that has windows 10.  If figured I may as well upgrade Finale, since I've already finished this season's percussion book (time to learn the new Finale).  Unfortunately, I lost my old VDL cd and didn't register it, so I had to buy another version (I hated spending the extra $200, but I didn't really know what else to do).

I also just bought the VDL Template for 2014 from the Write Score, setting me back another $30.  I am ok with spending all of this, though, as I have been a very heavy user of VDL in the past and love it.

But....  I am getting flustered after literally hours of trying to get everything working.  I have copied the files into the folders I am supposed to...  but Finale isn't recognizing it.  I believe the issue is with Kontakt 5.  When setting up a new document, I select templates and find the brand new ones I just bought and uploaded.  However, when I go to enter everything in, Finale defaults to the Aria player, I think trying to sync up with VDL lite.  The only other choice I have is Garritan sounds.  Kontakt isn't even a choice.

I did (I thought anyway) successfully upload Konakt 5, and added the VDL library, and authorized it.  All the files from the Write Score have been coped and pasted into the correct folders. 

And no luck.  :(

spending a few hours on a charter bus tomorrow with a marching band, was hoping to get some writing done.  Anybody have any suggestions? 

Read through this article and see if any of that steers you in the right direction. It's possible you just didn't copy your Kontakt 5 VST file to the correct location.
Oh man I thought this was gonna work, I hadn't put that file in there.  So I was literally smiling when I opened Finale after copying the dll in there.  But it was the same result...  still nothing. 

Ugh, this is so frustrating.  I feel like I'm so close... but right now when I open up Finale, its as if I don't have VDL at all.... 


I will try the 32 bit files next, but I'm not holding my breath.  Brand new HP ENVY with the Intel i7, windows 10 and Finale 2014.  Would have thought 64 was what I wanted.
This may be a dumb question since I have no experience with Windows 10, but are you running a 64-bit or 32-bit operating system?

I'd definitely check with the folks at Makemusic as well since they probably deal with this sort of stuff in Finale all the time.
Just checked to be sure, its 64 bit.  I think I got close though...  My native Instruments folder contains folders for both 32 and 64 bit dll files.  Each version has the Kontakt 5.dll, but also Kontakt 5 8out.dll and Kontakt 5 16out.dll.  (so a total of 6 dll files).  The instructions on the page you linked to said to copy the Kontakt 5.dll file.  That's what I did the first time (64 bit) to no avail.  Then I tried the 32 bit version, and nothing.  Then I tried all 3 files for both 32 and 64 just to see what would happen.  Still nothing for playback...BUT....there were two different Kontakt player options (in addition to Aria and Garritan) listed now in the VST instrument window when running Finale.

Also, in the staff, every line and space says ";custom.";  I know in my previous version of VDL with Finale 2011, it would say what it was (i.e. Low Tom RH, etc.)  So I know something is screwy before I even look at the settings.
If you place all of the various Kontakt flavors into Finale's VST folder, it shouldn't have an adverse effect (though, as you've noted, you may see more options in your host). Those are more for people getting fancy with different, more complicated output routings

Regarding your Finale template showing ";custom";, that's something I'm not qualified to troubleshoot. Check with the template guys at [url=]The Write Score[/url] and they'll likely have some solutions.
Thanks for trying to help me out.  Although I'm still dead in the water, I can't help but feel like I'm close.  I posted a thread over on the forum at The Write Score, so we'll see if that will provide some more answers.  Like I said over there, I'm gonna have to break out the pencil and paper soon with these writing projects.  And I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to make too many modifications to the percussion book this season.

Here is a part of my post over there, its everything Ive done so far.  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious?

-Download and Install Finale
-Download VDL 2.55
-Download Templates
-Download and Install Kontakt 5
-Load VDL into Kontakt, and activate.
-Check ���show hidden folders�۝ in File Explorer to see all the folders I need to access
-Place the new Library in the Libraries folder
-place the correct files in the MDI Device Annotation Folder
-place the VDL templates in the Finale Templates folder
-place the Kontakt 5.dll file (as well as the 8 & 16out versions) in the VST Support folder (64 bit, also tried 32)
-exit all programs and restart computer
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