Digital Download of VDL2.5/Windows 10


A friend of mine at Microsoft hooked me up with a Surface 3 and I installed Finale 2014 on it. So far, so good with creating a basic battery template and using VDLite. I use a Macbook with Finale and VDL2.5 as my primary writing machine, but it would be great to have the Surface as a supplemental device to write with on the road during the summer so I don't have to lug around two devices.

Drawback on the Surface: No optical drive. I could get an external drive, and try loading my copy of VDL2.5 that way, but I'm interested in being able to download a digital copy so I can load it onto the Surface. I purchased the original version of VDL2 when it came out, and have the upgrade disc to VDL2.5. 

Lastly, does VDL2.5 work with Windows 10? It is a 64bit operation system.


I can't speak from experience on the Surface factor, but I think the main key will be determining whether your surface has the capability of using VST plugins. The Native Instruments site states that Kontakt 5 is compatible with Windows 10:

If you're able to determine that Finale allows you to host Kontakt as a VST, then you may be in business.

I would, however, recommend grabbing the 2.5.5 Library Update for the most stable version of the VDL library. That updater is downloadable, but you'd still need to access some files off your original 2.5 DVD. Instead of doing that, you might find it more convenient to order the ";direct download"; version of the VDL 2.5 Replacement (which comes with the latest 2.5.5 version). It costs the same as the 2.5.5 library update.

I realize this is a pretty late response. I'd be curious to know how this goes for you if you decide to give it a whirl. Keep us posted!
I am also very interested in how this works out. I am looking into a Surface and one of the things that is holding me back is whether I could use Finale with VDL on it.
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