I recently had to restore my computer and wipe the hard disk - losing all my files.

So I am reinstalling all my software, including Virtual Drumline 2.5

I found the email and downloaded the downloader app but it is not taking the code which was sent to me in my email. Please help so I can start using VD again... hoping I don't have to purchase it all over again...

See the screenshot attached

Thank you!
Hi Justin,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. If you're having trouble with the downloader application, we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot. Just fill out an official support ticket on the Tapspace website and someone can usually help you out pretty quickly.

You can find all the support information [url=]here[/url].
Oh, and one thing off the top of my head that may help get you on your way more quickly, is to try downloading a more current version of the Connect installer. This replaced the older Tapspace Downloader application that shows in your screenshot.

Grab it from here:
Hi Jim,

Thanks for your response. The new downloader worked. But now I am having trouble with activating VDL in Contact. I went to the Service Center and it says the serial I am trying to use is already in use.

What happened is I recently had my computer lose all of its data and had the hard disk wiped. So all I am trying to do now is reinstall my VDL onto my new computer. Anyway to unregister the serial even though I don't have it installed so I can get back into using VDL? Or is there anyway to get a new serial without re-purchasing the program?


Please fill out a [url=]support ticket[/url], and someone should be able to help you shortly.
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