Winterludes for Two - minor errors

If you were an early purchaser of Brian Blume's collection of holiday duets Winterludes for Two, there are a few small bits of errata to be aware of in "Angels We Have Heard on High." See below for a listing of these errors.

1) in both parts (not the score), the start repeat sign is missing at letter A. Do not repeat back to the beginning.

2) m. 28 and m. 34, marimba (in part and score), there's a leftover half rest from the other voice sitting right on the first note of the bar.

3) m. 53 (downbeat of 7/16), vibe part (and in score), the lowest note (currently G) should be up a half step, A-flat.

These issues will be fixed in subsequent printings, but please be aware of them if you notice them in your version. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these errata.

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