How to quickly select note patterns in Sibelius

Hey everyone,

After a brief exchange with Murray he recommended I post this up here.  I'm kind of a sucker for automation/efficiency, even if it sometimes take hours to figure out -- even though it almost always takes longer to research and develop than it does to do the manual process, I figure it's an investment to stop doing the manual stuff going forward.

To that end, I've been working on a piece that has a ton of 16th notes and I wanted to get the sticking to sound correctly in VDL.  In the past I would go, ";click, click, click, click,"; until I wanted to throw my mouse against the wall.  Being a fan of the filtering and advanced filtering options (love em) I figured there's gotta be a way to do this with that tool.  Yes, yes there is.

Here are the steps:
[list type=decimal]
[li]Select your bar/notes, etc.[/li]
[li]Go to the advanced filter (Home tab).[/li]
[li]Under ";Note Values"; choose ";Single"; and pick a 16th note from the drop down.[/li]
[li]Under ";Position in Bar"; pick an 8th note from the drop down bar then click on the ";plus multiples"; from the radio button.[/li]
[li]If you want the down and up beats selected click on ";select"; at the bottom.[/li]
[li]If you want the Es and Uhs selected click on ";deselect"; at the bottom.[/li]
[li]See screenshot below of the advanced filter with these settings.[/li]
With some tweaking and/or multiple rounds of filtering I'm sure you could select other rhythmic patterns as well.

I realize there are other options to make this work go faster too, like writing in a single bar, giving it the sticking and the note heads and then copying and pasting, but that wasn't a realistic option with what I'm working on, especially when tenor arounds are different in each bar.

I hope this helps someone out!



Good stuff, Rob. Is this so you can quickly set the velocities of all R or L hands? I wasn't sure what the desired result was.
Good question!  In this case I wanted to change all of the left hands to note head 31 for more accurate audio playback.  That said, I think this would apply to any scenario where you'd want to change note-specific settings -- be them velocity, note heads, or something else -- to specific note patterns/rhythms.
Some tips along these lines for those who might be unaware:

- you can select multiple notes at once (and then change notehead, live velocity, articulation, etc.), by holding CTRL and clicking on each successive note.

- In Sibelius, every action can be undone. This includes selection. So, if you want to select 100 non-consecutive notes and then change their notehead #, and you click correctly on the first 99 but miss the 100th and deslect your entire set of notes, you can just UNDO once and you're back to having the 99 selected. Before I knew this, my multiple selections to change noteheads were like Russian roulette, wondering when I was going to miss and have to start all over. Once I learned selections in Sibelius were undo-able, I could select freely without living in fear of mistaken clicks.
LOVE Sib's undo history, so so good, 'cause when you do click click click for 99 note heads and then accidently click on the wrong thing for #100 or do a de-select it totally saves your bacon. :-D
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