Upgrading from Sibelius 6 to 7.5 Legacy

Greetings everyone.  I've been in a smooth groove with Sibelius 6 for quite some time (obviously), and my work flow or needs never necessitated an upgrade.  However, a good deal and some friendly encouragement from the great Bryan Harmsen led me to purchase the 7.5 legacy version.  Now that I've received it, I'll admit I'm a bit hesitant given that it's been quite a while since I've gone through the upgrade process.  I'm running Yosemite on by my iMac and MacbookAir.  (The Air has been fine running Sib6 with VDL2.5.5).  So here's my question -

Can I expect a smooth upgrade process from 6 to 7.5?  I'm not talking about the learning curve from one to the other, I'm more curious about any other re-installs or re-authorizations I might encounter.  When things run smooth for years, it's easy to forget how all the ";under the hood"; stuff works.  :)

Thanks in advance.  I hope all that made sense!
Great to hear, Keith. Thanks for letting us know!
Thanks.  I got 7.5 up and running this morning with no issues at all.  Just had to rebuild playback configurations.  All is well.
Hi Keith,

I'm not sure. When I updated from Sib 6.2, it was to 7.0. I'm not sure if the process of jumping up to 7.5 will be any different. I recall Avid's authorization thing seeming a little frustrating, but that's not uncommon. Once you're activated, you're in business.

I think the bigger topic will be getting used to the newer interface and absence of menus. You'll get used to it, but that will be a longer ramp up than the actual process of updating.

Now that I think about it, I don't think the Sib 7.5 updater will overwrite your existing Sib 6 install. So if you're pressed for time, you can always fall back on v6. At least I *think* that's how it works. Don't quote me on that.
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