Synth playing as piano

I am running VDL 2.5, Sib 8 and using the write score template. I can post there if I need to regarding this topic.

The piece I'm writing requires synth, front ensemble, and battery sounds available from VDL. When I load the MIDI device into my playback configuration (to get synth sound) it doesn't playback VDL sounds at the same time, so my synth plays back as VDL piano (also battery samples are midi). Hope this makes sense, any help is much appreciated.
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Hi zackolas,

This probably has something to do with however you've set up your playback configuration in Sibelius. I'm guessing most people working with this type of setup would want a few instances of Kontakt assigned to the Write Score's VDL soundset (which would be responsible for all your VDL flavored sounds), and another playback device (like one of Sibelius' built-in synth sounds) for that stuff.

If that's not how it's working, something's probably incorrectly configured in your file. Check your Sibelius documentation (as well as your Write Score documentation) and those should point you in the right direction!
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