Diddle playback issue

I recently purchased VDL 2.5.5, installed Kontakt 5, and purchased a template from TheWriteScore to use in Finale 2014.5. I figured out the mapping and got everything in order, except for one issue with the SnareLine Manual samples. Whenever I enter a RH or LH hit (MIDI notes 39 and 41), they sound as they should in playback. However, when I apply a diddle articulation, the sample that plays back is the Cross-Stick Rim Knocks sample (MIDI note 35). Even when I watch it on the midi keyboard in Kontakt 5 it switches notes anytime a diddle is attached.  I did some research on this type of thing before hand and didn't encounter anything like what was happening with my situation. I checked my audio setup and buffer speed and they seem to be working fine, I think it's just something pertaining to Snareline Manual, because anytime I add a diddle on any other VDL instrument, they seem to work flawlessly. Any advice?
And if you'd like some better explaining, I made a video to show the issue, which can be seen here:


Thanks for the thorough description and video. I'm not sure I know exactly why that might be happening, but it's likely something in your template file or its percussion mapping for the Snareline Manual instrument.

A couple things to try:

Launch a fresh template file and see if the behavior persists. If not, it's something in that specific file you're having trouble with.

Check into different ways to play back diddles in Finale. As I understand it, a lot of VDL users us the TG Tools plugin approach rather than using Human Playback. If you have HP active, that could be the culprit.

I'm sure there are some Finale/VDL users who'll likely have more advice to offer, but hopefully this gives you a few things to look into.
Thank you for your timely response. I did some digging and found that the issue lies within the templates themselves, because anytime I use a different template, the issue persists, only this time on Tenors or Basses. I'll head over to TheWriteScore Forums and see if I can get any help there.


I've replied to your Write Score post.

I'm not seeing this occur in my own tests. It could be something in how note entry is done, speedy/simple and/or with/without a midi keyboard.

Grace notes need to be entered as notes and changed to grace notes rather than using an articulation. The grace note articulation has never been set up for playback.

For diddle playback, a custom VDL Human Playback was added to the FIN14 templates. This should not be causing problems for the diddles. Especially in the manner that you are seeing them.
From what I can tell, Finale 2014.5 wants you to use the human playback feature for diddles now. I never used it before, but now the Smart Playback plugin doesn't work for diddles and rolls.

Go to the human playback settings in the playback tool. Use the pull down to and select ";custom";. In the ";Interpret"; settings click the ";Ornaments & tremolos"; box.

In the Advanced settings select the ";Play 32nd note rolls exactly"; box.

Hope that helps.

There is no need to create a custom playback as they were included with the 2014 templates. It's also important to know that for the Smart Playback to function, Human Playback needs to turned off.
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