Changing Mac Devices - Serial Number Already Registered

Hey everyone,

I currently just sold my iMac and purchased a Macbook Pro. I purchased VDL 2.5 a little over a year ago and am trying to install in on my new Macbook Pro. However, when I attempt to input the serial number to Kontakt Player, it says the serial number is already registered. Is there a way to unregister the serial number and be able to reregister it?

Your serial number will always be registered to you, the licensed user. Simply log into Service Center with your Native Instruments account, enter your serial number, and you should be able to activate your new Macbook Pro.

If your serial number is locked, please fill out a [url=]support ticket[/url] and someone will help you shortly.
Thanks so much! I realized that I was logging in with my old account that wasn't registered with that serial number. I logged in with my correct account and it worked. Thank you!
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