Keyswitch to puffy and regular mallets, hiding note

I'm getting good results using the keyswitch for bd's and quads going from regular to puffy mallets and hearing the appropriate sound on playback. However, using this function places a note 3 or 4 octaves below the staff that shows up on the score. When I used speedy entry to hide those specific notes they stopped having an effect on playback. Is there a way to keep them from messing up the score while maintaining their effect?


Mac 10.11, Finale 2014.5
I'm not too familiar with the Finale side of things at this point, but assuming you're using a template from The Write Score, you should just be able to use the appropriate text expression for things like puffies, regular mallets, edge/center, etc., rather than entering the keyswitch yourself. The Readme that came with the template should have some info about this. I would also suggest posing this question on the TWS forum ([url=][/url]) ��_ they are the experts.

Hope this helps!
There are text expressions and Human Playback text that should be used for implement changes.
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