Trouble with Download Upgrade

I recently upgraded the VDL software and had some issues. Apparently the download was not complete and I do not have any samples. What should I do to rectify the issue? I have the latest addition of Kontact Player 5 and using Sibelius 7.5 on a Mac.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Tim,

It's tough to say what might have happened without some extra details. Here are a couple articles to common issues in this area that might yield some information:

[b]Samples Missing message:[/b]

[b]What a properly populated library folder should look like.[/b] If you're getting missing samples messages, you may have missed the step in the update install instructions about copying the .nkx files

If neither of those points to your specific issue, you should fill out a [url=]support ticket[/url] and someone should help you there shortly.
Thanks Jim,

I reinstalled the VDl Library folder and appear to have all the samples now. At least it looks like your images. I do have all the nkx files, only have 3 of the nkc files, 001 and 002. I assume Kontakt will add as needed later on that. I still do not have any VDL sound set options in Sibelius. I must have missed an install or folder somewhere. Thoughts?
Good to hear, Tim. Don't worry about the .nkc files. Those are self-generated by Kontakt and won't have any affect on the functionality of your library.

Anything in Sibelius that's missing probably has to do with your template files (assuming you're using templates from The Write Score.) Check the documentation that came with the template package and be sure you've placed the various accompanying files in the correct locations. If moving files around, be sure to do that with the application closed, and for good measure, restart your system once you've placed the files. You can find more information with your various Sibelius integration/template stuff at
Thanks, I'll get with Hugh.

Have a great day and tell Murray I said hello.
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