Any OSX known issues with VDL and Sibelius 8.1?

I'm considering upgrading to Sibelius 8.1 since I'm still on 7.5 and it doesn't appear that 7.5 will ever be fully compatible with El Capitan.

I'm under the impression from the WriteScore site that the templates are still valid for Sibelius 8 but I want to make sure there are no other issues before I move forward with upgrading to El Capitan and Sibelius 8.

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I'm under the impression from the WriteScore site that the templates are still valid for Sibelius 8

They are.
Do you have any more info on what's incompatible between Sibelius 7.5 and El Capitan? I'd be curious if there are things that definitely don't work, or if it's more Avid's way of encouraging people to jump into their new subscription model for Sibelius.

I've definitely used older applications on ";unsupported"; systems before and had it behave fine. Sometimes I like to see how much mileage I can get so I'm not just throwing money unnecessarily into a system. Might be worth a try.
I've not read any specific reports other than the fact Sibelius 7.5 has been known to crash when running on El Capitan. I've been following Sibelius Blog for any notes around it. Perhaps it works better now but I've been hesitant to upgrade to El Capitan without knowing if there will be Sibelius issues.

I'd be more than happy to stay on 7.5 as long as I know it will work correctly. I just don't want to get stuck on an outdated OSX for too long if I don't need to.
Understandable. Thanks for sharing that link as well. The two issues they list there don't sound like showstoppers for Sibelius 7.5 and El Capitan, but obviously you won't really know your own experience until you dive in.

Even thought it's not always possible, personally, I try to avoid operating system updates until a year or so after they've been released. At least, in this case, it sounds like 7.5 should work and you won't be out all that ongoing subscription money. If for some reason that turns out not to be the case, their latest accounting on that blog article sounds like you'd be in safe hands with 8.1 now as a backup plan. Just my two pennies.
Thanks for the insight. It sounds like the initial crashing issues may have been resolved with 10.11.2. The other reported issues appear to be around installing which shouldn't be an issue for me since I've had 7.5 installed for quite some time now.
Cool. Let us know how it pans out once you've gotten your feet wet with it. Good luck!
I'm running Sib 6, 7.5 and 8 on El Capitan, haven't seen any issues yet.
I went ahead and upgraded to El Capitan. So far no issues with Sibelius 7.5 from my initial checks. I haven't dove into anything heavy yet and may not for a couple of months since I haven't gotten any of my music yet for next fall's band show yet.

At least so far no crashes or playback issues from loading last year's full band scores.
Good to hear!
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