Missing Sounds Completely in Sibelius 7.5

I am extremely frustrated and in need of some help!

I've been an avid (no pun intended) of Sibelius and VDL for quite a while - I recently upgraded to Sibelius 7.5 and still have VDL 2.5.

I also have DeMystified and watched the way to properly install everything. I followed everything step by step, and still I'm having trouble.

I'm getting no sound whatsoever with the playback configuration I created - Screenshot is below. When I switch back to Sibelius Sounds, it works fine for the hornline stuff, but when I switch the playback to VDL (16 sounds), which I created, I get literally no sounds at all - what am I doing wrong?



It sounds like you didn't properly install the VDL library. I'm guessing you purchased it as a direct download using the Connect Installer. The ZIP and RAR files comprising that download should not be accessed by you, but instead, you should let the Connect Installer application reassemble them all into a complete folder.

Once that downloaded folder has been completely assembled, you'll see two things: 1) Instructions saying ";START HERE"; (which i recommend you read throroughly), and 2) a folder called [b]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/b]. That is your library folder and you should put it somewhere on your computer where it will remain. Once it's placed there, only then should you add the library to Kontakt.

For now, click the ";remove library"; option on your VDL library (In Kontakt), then redownload/install your VDL library following the instructions that came with your direct download email. Once the product has been fully downloaded and reassembled, you can trash the RAR and ZIP files and place the library folder into its permanent location. Once you've done that, you can go through the process doing the ";Add Library"; within Kontakt.

Here's an article that may help illustrate what your properly populated VDL library folder should look like once you've completed the Connect download/install process.
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the reply!

I actually did some more digging - here's a little background. I went ahead and purchased from TapSpace the following: VDL, DeMystified, and VDL 2.5.5.

I already had Sibelius installed, and because I downloaded VDL, I had to download Kontakt player as well. I went ahead and installed everything and imported VDL like normal. What I noticed is that none of the VDL instruments were actually inside of Kontakt Player - *Screenshot 4.

Along with my download came the following file: VDL255-Instuments in a .rar file. Inside it are all of the VDL instruments as .nki files. When I have Kontakt 5 open and I double click on the .nki file, it opens up in Kontakt but says that all of the .wav files are missing. I'm thinking THIS has something to do with me not hearing any sounds. (Screenshot 6). How do I locate those .wav files?

Any thoughts on to what I did wrong?
From your screenshot, your playback configuration looks fine, but that would assume you're using staves in your score that are specific to that sound set - meaning, if you're using a sound set from The Write Score, you should also be using the staves (instruments) from The Write Score template.

You may want to re-check the documentation that came with your Write Score template, or perhaps reach out to them for some suggestions. 99 percent of the time, it's something quite simple that you may have overlooked!
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