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I have attached a file that shows where I have located material from Virtual Drumline 2.5.5.  Will you please examine this item.  It is located in program files.  I have added the NKC files.  I can not get this to load into Kontakt 5. 

It seems that I have missed something in regards to getting this to operate.


Bruce Smith
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Hi Bruce,

Your library folder looks okay. You can confirm this by referring to [url=]this article[/url] about a properly populated library.

If you're trying to add the VDL library into Kontakt 5, do the following:

1) Launch Kontakt 5

2) Click the ";Add Library"; button

3) Navigate to the location of your library folder (*see note below) then click ";Choose.";

4) You should see the Virtual Drumline library appear in the browser column on the left.

5) At this point, I would suggest you quit Kontakt, then launch Service Center to complete the activation of the VDL library. Once you've done this, the ";activate"; button should no longer appear the next time you launch Kontakt.

*Note: You can put your library folder wherever you want, however there's probably no need to bury it so deeply. Currently, yours looks to be located at: Program Files>VDL-255-LibraryUpdate>VDL 2.5.5 Library Update>Virtual Drumline 2.5. You could simplify a bit by simply placing the ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; folder (the last folder in the path listed above) directly into your ";Program Files"; folder and simply do away with those other two ";LibraryUpdate"; folders. If anything, this folder structure might just add confusion to your setup.
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