Buzz Rolls Sound Like Singles

I haven't had a problem in several years at least but I have one now.  I purchased Sibelius 7.5 and whatever the latest templates were on Tapspace during the year prior to the 2015 marching band season for my writing.  Everything worked great and I am using the same template and software for this upcoming season.  I starting writing a couple of weeks ago and everything was fine but this evening when I press the keys on my O2 controller for buzz rolls on battery instruments I get singles.  The same thing occurs on playback.  Not only is this happening on this year's scores but also last years which were fine.  Any idea what setting might have changed that is causing this?
Hi David,

We actually haven't sold Sibelius templates in several years. That's all being handled by [url=]The Write Score[/url] now. Assuming that's where you got your template, you may want to revisit the documentation that came with it.  It's probably something simple like an incorrect sound set in your playback configuration. But if you get stuck, you can double check with them.
Hi Jim,
You're right...I did get that template from The Write Score.  I was playing with some Sibelius sounds and altered the sound sets.  I've restored those and it's working now.  As always, thanks for the quick response and help.
Great to hear, David!
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