VDL, Sibelius 8.2, El Capitan issues

Hey everyone,

I just recently upgraded my OS to El Capitan 10.11.4 and I also upgraded to Sibelius 8.2. After doing both of these things, I am having significant troubles opening any files that previously used VDL and the VDL Sound Set from The Write Score. Every file that I open crashes my program. I have copied the Sound Set.XML into the correct folder and I still am having real issues. Any help would be wonderful!!

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It would be a good idea to do some troubleshooting to determine if something in your playback configuration is causing a crash. If you have Sibelius set to auto-load a playback configuration containing a Kontakt plugin.

If you can, launch Sibelius, but not one of your old files. Set the playback configuration to just use General Midi, and set your preferences to launch using that playback configuration. If that seems to be more stable, you might try adding just one instance of Kontakt and seeing if that works. If not, I'd look into which version of Kontakt you're using and perhaps try updating. I'm uncertain if Sibelius 8.2 rejects certain versions of Kontakt, but that would be worth investigating by checking with Avid.
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