Roll playback issue.

Hello all, I have an issue with roll play back. I had an issue like this before but this one is different. As you can hear on the attachment the sustained rolls sound bad. How do I fix that?
Hi Jerry,

I don't mean to get all soap-boxy, but you might get a little more feedback on this if you explained what, exactly is happening. I'm not sure most people will take the time to go rooting around in someone's Sibelius file to try to determine what you're asking.

You mentioned having issues in the past, and that this issue is different. But you didn't mention what either of those issues were. Being detailed and descriptive helps. To paraphrase Jerry McGuire, ";Help us help you.";

In order to expect people to do some work for you in troubleshooting your situation, it's best to start by doing some of the work yourself. If they know you're engaged and invested in solving your problem, I think people will be more compelled to offer some advice. Otherwise it just comes of as, ";Fix this for me.";
Interesting. I didn't know that it came across that way especially since that wasn't the way it was meant. The reason I attached the file was because I couldn't attach an audio file of the problem. I thought if one could hear the problem,they could help identify it and give a solution. And I thought it would be better for someone to see what I was talking about than me trying to explain something I don't really know how to explain.

Cool, so the sustain are not really sustaining. Or maybe they are just don't know who to get them to sound better. They are sounding buzzy and almost like a machine. The issue I had before was similar but the issue was that I was entering the notes manually and note giving the notes the correct note head number. But thats not the care it has a note head of 20, but they still sound bad.
Jerry, [b]please remove the .sib file attachment[/b]. It contains Template contents and is not to be shared or distributed in this manner.

If someone actually needs to look at a file, go to the[url=] TWS Forum[/url] and get with the developer. (Do not attach one there either, the developer will inform you where to send it.)

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Hugh - thanks for pointing that out about the .sib file. We should be clearer about the policy not to share template-originated files. I've removed that from the forum.

Jerry - No worries. I understand your intentions were good. In my opinion, the best forum posts are the ones where someone can come to read it years from now, relate to it, and learn something from it. In order to do that, the situation needs to be clearly communicated. If it can be accompanied by screenshots, audio (you can host audio on YouTube or Soundcloud), or video, even better.
Jim, no matter what format I try to use it says the file is to big. I really just need help with the aforementioned problem.
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