Doumbek sounds pulled a Jimmy Hoffa

This has previously been asked, to some degree:
I have a current template, current playback device, current OS and current version of VDL.

My doumbek sounds have vanished. The playback is that of a tom-tom.
Odd thing is: NOTHING else is missing or otherwise ";broken";.
Small issue, I know.

Any thoughtful hints to troubleshoot this would be gratefully received.

This is likely something to do with your host program. I'm guessing it's Sibelius and that you need to add another instance of Kontakt to your playback configuration since each instance only holds 16 instruments.

If that's not the case, feel free to share some more specific details about your setup and what exactly you've tried and perhaps some other ideas may surface.
Hi Darwonka,

I was having this very issue as well, and had thought I'd combed all of my options correctly (enough instances of Kontakt etc.) when I was starting a new score. Just be sure you're using the VDL SoundSet 7.0a configuration in all of your instances of Kontakt. The Virtual Drumline 2.5 soundset can be deceiving as your starting a score, where you may not notice issues immediately. That's where I had made my mistake. I'd over-looked that accidentally, and once I fixed that, no more doumbek issues.

Hope that helps!
A few years later and I read, understood and achieved the answer.

Thanks, gents!
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