VDL 2.5, Windows 10, Kontakt 5, and Monthly Sibelius

Ok so i recently bought VDL 2.5 and got the Sibelius monthly plan. Problem is i cant set up vdl sounds to be placed in the right spot in sib. I do not know which version of Sibelius i have. It does not tell me. I have it selected in the configuration settings for playback sounds. I've been trying to look up any info for about a week or more and no luck. Please ask me specific questions so i can give the answers needed to help me figure this out. Don't know what template to get (if needed) since i dont know which version of sib i have. Help..
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A template will definitely help the process. Here is a link to determine what version of Sibelius you are running. Since you downloaded it recently and are using the new monthly subscription plan, it most likely Sibelius 8.3.

Check your Sibelius version - http://www.sibelius.com/helpcenter/article.php?id=A581&language=1

Purchasing a template will help with notation set up. Here is a link to purchase a template:

I've already linked the correct template for versions 5-8. This should get you moving in the right direction. Just make sure you read the documentation carefully.

Lastly, here is a link to the VDL Knowledgebase. I know this all can seem overwhelming. But, we have all been there too. Just study up a little and you will be cranking out beats in no time. If you have any additional questions, just let me know or feel free to create a support ticket.

Knowledgebase - https://www.tapspace.com/hesksupport/knowledgebase.php?category=7

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