Need Help Sharing Sound Maps

Hi, all!

Fairly experienced Sibelius/VDL user looking for some help with sound map sharing:

I would like a tenorline spock sound in my snareline map. I have read all there is to read, done what I believe should be done to achieve this, but with no luck:

Edit Instruments > Edit Staff Type (for the SnareLine AutoRL map used): New note added (above the staff where there are no notes), note head (0), Best Sound- Sp1 R Hit, Input Using Pitch- E5...nothing. Different sounds or note head selected = nothing. 

Any thoughts are appreciated.   

If I'm not mistaken, since the spock drum isn't a part of the snare instrument, it can't be added in without an all new instrument being created.
Yeah, you can't mix sounds from different patches into the same instrument mapping. You can use a second staff for playback and make the first ";look"; the way you want (using Play On Pass).
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