Need Help Sharing Sound Maps

Hi, all!

Fairly experienced Sibelius/VDL user looking for some help with sound map sharing:

I would like a tenorline spock sound in my snareline map. I have read all there is to read, done what I believe should be done to achieve this, but with no luck:

Edit Instruments > Edit Staff Type (for the SnareLine AutoRL map used): New note added (above the staff where there are no notes), note head (0), Best Sound- Sp1 R Hit, Input Using Pitch- E5...nothing. Different sounds or note head selected = nothing. 

Any thoughts are appreciated.   

Yeah, you can't mix sounds from different patches into the same instrument mapping. You can use a second staff for playback and make the first ";look"; the way you want (using Play On Pass).
If I'm not mistaken, since the spock drum isn't a part of the snare instrument, it can't be added in without an all new instrument being created.
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