Snareline samples are multiple drummers, correct?


I'm new here.
At first I thought the snareline samples were samples of one drummer because of the sound. (it's a new sound to me)
But they are not, correct? They are samples of multiple drums striking, correct?
And the same goes for the tenorline, bassline and cymbal line?
And what about the rotos and concert toms, also multiple players?
I'm a composer and need to use in a project and just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and understanding!
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Hi Scott,

The snareline and tenorline patches are full section instruments - meaning, they're multiple players. You should be able to hear the difference by comparing those patches to the ones named ";snare solo"; and ";tenor solo."; There should be a pretty distinct difference in sound between solo sounds in comparison to sections.

Bassline and cymbal lines are a bit different because those types of sections commonly play ";split"; parts in which different players form composite lines through solo hits. So if you look at the keymap diagrams for either of those instruments, you'll notice pitches that are mapped as ";unisons"; (where all players strike together) as opposed to the other hits which would be solo hits.

Hope this makes sense!
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