VDL 2.5.5 Direct DL and Kontakt 5

I am having trouble adding the VDL 2.5.5 library to Kontakt 5.  I am using a direct download VDL 2.5.5 and Kontakt 5.  I continue to get ";Cannot add library"; errors.  Thinking that maybe the download was incomplete I checked the file folder for the .nkx and .nkc files and they seem to be there.  I've attached a screenshot of the file folder for perusal.  Any help is appreciated. 

Let me see if I can help.

Could you provide a little more detail about the error you are receiving? A screenshot of the actual error message would be great if possible. Is this error message coming up in Service Center or just during the normal installation process?

If you like, you can fill out a service ticket and we can do a more detailed check.



I can add other libraries. Just not VDL 2.5.5.  The Factory Sample library loads fine.  The service center doesn't open.  Does it need to be (re)installed?  Error messages attached.
If you're trying to add the VDL library into Kontakt 5, do the following:

1) Launch Kontakt 5

2) Click the ";Add Library"; button

3) Navigate to the location of your library folder then click ";Choose.";

4) You should see the Virtual Drumline library appear in the browser column on the left.

5) At this point, I would suggest you quit Kontakt, then launch Service Center to complete the activation of the VDL library. Once you've done this, the ";activate"; button should no longer appear the next time you launch Kontakt.

If Service Center won't open, you probably need to download it again. Here is a link:


If the error happens again, let me know what step you were on when it occurred.

It's the computer. Because it's a district computer, all admin features are blocked. I'll have to go through our IT dept. thanks for your response.
Good to hear you may have a solution. Thanks for the update!

Best of luck!
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