Expression Text has changed when I copy/paste from another score

Hey guys,

When I transferred from the wind score into my TWS/VDL template somehow the expression text has changed.  I've never noticed this before.  Dynamic marking (f/p/sfz/etc.) seem fine, but text looks really funky.  For example, ";cresc"; has an eighth note instead of an e and the 2 c's are not script like the r and s.  In the wind score, ";cresc"; is all script.  All of the other expression texts to choose from are also messed in a similar way (dolce has an eighth note replacing the e at the end, subito has an eighth note replacing the i and a flat sign replacing the b, etc.)

Any experience with this?


I've seen this before. It's always a bit odd as to why, exactly, it occurs, but I know I've managed to work through it when I've seen it.

Check Scordatura's response here. Essentially, it has to do with what character style the element is displaying with. Regular text can be displayed as ";music text"; in which case some of those musical elements (eight note, fermata, etc) will show instead of typical roman characters.
Thanks, Jim!
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