BassLine Manual Incorrect Playback

Sibelius 8.3 and VDL 2.5
Mac OS X 10.11.5

Hey everyone,

I'm currently working in a file that incorporates a full battery (SnareLine Manual, TenorLine Manual, BassLine Manual) and a myriad of pit sounds. It's been playing back fine for weeks and all of a sudden I added a concert snare sound into a RackCombo A system and the BassLine Manual staff started to playback a field drum sound. I restarted Sibelius, restarted my machine, and the issue is still persisting. The thing that confuses me is that I've added the Concert Snare sound into the RackCombo A in a different area of the same file and it did not create this issue.

Have help?

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Add another instance of VDL/Kontakt Player to your Playback Configuration.
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