No sound playback in El Capitan/Finale 2014.5

Since upgrading to El Capitan many months ago, I haven't been able to get sound using VDL 2.5. I posted to the Finale forums, but no responses. Would someone be able to assist? I haven't used Finale much since moving to El Capitan, but it's time to write the marching show!

My setup is VDL 2.5, Finale 2014.5 and Kontakt 5. With the Kontakt window open and one of my old VDL files playing, I can see that Kontakt is receiving the messages, I'm just not hearing anything.
I have had some issues with El Capitan and Finale 2014.5, but they are generally just sluggishness with Finale 2014.5 that I didn't see in 2014.

If you see you are getting signal, I would start by checking two areas first. I have attached screenshots to help.

1. Check the Output tab in Kontakt 5 and make sure the fader for st.1 is up.

2. Check in the Finale Audio Units Banks & Effects window and make sure the volume fader to the right is up for the respective Kontakt bank.

Those may seem like easy solutions, but I have noticed that these get reset sometimes on new installs or updates.

Let me know if it works. 
Neither of those worked, but I did notice this. It says demo in Kontact next to each instrument. I know it's worked before, but maybe something is wrong with the registration once I updated the OS?

Anyone else have any suggestions?
I clicked ";Activate"; on the VDL library. The serial number was already entered and it said authorization successful. When I closed that window, Kontakt was still in demo mode and the activate button still appeared on VDL.

I also noticed that the sounds are missing from the instrument list. See the attached images. I'm assuming this is likely the real problem but don't know how to fix it.
Here's the screen shot of the instrument list.
I think it might be best of you fill out a support ticket and I help you there. Follow the link:
Will do, thanks!
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