VST 3 and Dorico

Very early to ask this..... but is Tapspace working on moving VDL to the VST 3 format?  I am seriously considering Dorico in the near future, and what I am reading so far, indicates that VST 3 is a far superior format than VST 2.x.
Thanks Jim. I did finally see it had been released.
I purchased Dorico the day it was released.  I will say the percussion portion of the program is very lacking, but Daniel has said that this is a high priority.  With that said, I have done very little percussion work in Dorico.  But for those who care, I am finding the rest of the program to be pretty awesome.  Many of the ";I wish (insert program name here) would just do XXXX";, Dorico seems to do, and do rather well.  However, it is still version 1.0 and some features are missing.  Some people argue ";key"; features are missing.  But that is really a matter of opinion.  However, these ";key"; features are on the way, and the team has been doing a fantastic job of keeping people up to date with what is expected as post releases are being worked. 

As far as work flow, I am finding the work flow rather intuitive.  There are times I have to stop and realize ";This isn't Finale"; or ";This isn't Sibelius";.  And once I get past those hurdles, things seem good.  The program does ";think"; about things differently.

Much like Sibelius and Finale, Dorico is going to be a great tool for any engraver.  If not the sole tool.  For those thinking about it, I would say take the plunge and come see what the Dorico team is doing.  I have been highly impressed so far, despite some of its shortcomings.


P.S. - Please do the research to see what features are present and which ones are not.  I cannot begin to tell the level of frustration I have when reading the Dorico forum with things like ";Dorico lacks key features"; or ";Why can't Dorico do XXX???";.  There are things missing, and they are listed on the website, so please read so you know what you might be getting into.
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I'm keeping an eye on Dorico as it relates to third party sample libraries, but won't be able to get a copy until it's released.

It actually released with version 1.0 last month. It'll be exciting to see how it continues to develop over time!
I'm keeping an eye on Dorico as it relates to third party sample libraries, but won't be able to get a copy until it's released.
Dorico already supports Kontakt, so that shouldn't be an issue for Virtual Drumline. What we'll have to wait a bit longer to see is how unpitched percussion mapping assignments work. Without that, using VDL in a notation environment isn't likely to be very useful. The Dorico team has indicated this feature is in the pipeline. Once that's set, it'll be a matter of investigating if setup is something simple or if templates need to be created at which point, hopefully one might be developed by The Write Score.
I second this - any plans?
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