Built in vibe & marimba cymbal size/pitch

Is there a way to control the pitch (or size or whatever) of the suspended cymbal attached at the top of the marimba and/or vibe instruments? I seem to remember in a past life being able to do this, but now I can't figure out how for the life of me. Right now the marimba cymbal is really splashy and the vibe cymbal sounds like a nice big suspended. I'd prefer them both to be that big suspended sound. Any ideas?

VDL 2.5
Finale 2014.5
OSX El Capitan
The built-in suspended cymbals on marimba/vibe instruments are designed to be more convenient than flexible. The sound/size of the cymbal will depend on whether you've loaded up the HARD, MED, or SOFT mallet instrument.

Hard mallet keyboard= 15"; sus cym
Medium mallet keyboard= 18"; sus cym
Soft mallet keyboard= 20"; sus cym.

Ideally, you'll have the most flexibility if you do an instrument change (or patch change) to use the ";Sus Cyms ALL"; patch from which you can choose any of those cymbals by placing the mod wheel at different values.
AH. You actually answered my question. I didn't realize a different size is attached to each mallet hardness. Thanks Jim!
If you're going to be playing back numerous tracks of suspended cymbals simultaneously, you'll get a better overall sound with a MIX of different sizes instead of using the same version for each staff. Same rule would apply to mallet hardness choices. When all players are using the same samples, it can create a phase cancelation and a sound that is more homogenized. When in doubt, aim for variety in mixing your sounds - at least from your computer playback. :)
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