Percussion Layout cannot be found- Finale/WriteScore

I dont think this is actually a VDL problem, but I figured I would ask... I'm using Finale 2014.5 with VDL2.5 with Write Score templates. When I open up a fresh template and try to select ";drumset"; from the ScoreManager it says ";Percussion Layout cannot be found"; Any clue why this would happen? It only does it when I use the Write Score stuff....not when I open up a Finale template.

Thanks in advance!

Aaron Savage

OS X El Capitan 
Version 10.11.5
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Are you saying that when you add a drum set to your score that the percussion layout cannot be found? This behavior is because you've selected the default Finale drum set percussion instrument and not the instrument found in the VDL library.

Just click through and set your playback device to Kontakt and set the percussion midi map and percussion layout as described in the Read Me file which came with the TWS template package.

If the problem is you can't find the VDL drum set layout from Notation:Percussion, then are you seeing and of the VDL layouts? If you're not seeing any of the VDL percussion layouts here then you aren't using a TWS template. The percussion layouts are installed in the templates by default.
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