Percussion Part Range and VDL/ Kontakt question


Almost 2 months ago I made the switch from Finale to Sibelius. I feel like I'm learning to walk all over again :( Anyway, Im working on a field show score where I have two 5 line percussion parts. It seems that I am limited to what is within the staff. No ledger line will produce any sound. I know in finale I would go in to the score manager and switch the notation style from percussion to standard. Is there a similar way of doing this in sibelius?

Also, in this same score, I have the VDL "rack a" and "rack b" voices set up in the percussion parts, and everything sounds great during that writing session. However, when I save and close sibelius and come back later to the score, the percussion parts will be set to General midi. I've tried saving the configuration but it will always go back to what I describe.

Any help would be great!



Are you using a Template from The Write Score?

Yes, I purchased the template and I'm pretty sure its placed in the correct location.

You may have placed the sound set in the right location, but are you using the instrument definitions defined in the Template in your score? i.e. starting with a copy of "VDL_Template_7.0a_(Sib7).sib".

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