Grace notes sound like rims or buzz rolls

I am using Finale 2014.5 and when I am not writing a grace note it sounds like it should (Snare, Quads or Bass). When I add grace notes to snares it sounds like rims - to quads it sounds like buzz rolls etc...

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance
How are you adding the grace notes? They should use the same sound - other hand. The grace notes will appear on the same line or space as the primary note. Because you indicate that the sounds are different (buzz, etc.) rather than sticks, I'm guessing that the midi pitch is different for the grace note.
Thanks for the quick reply Ted!

I am just adding a snare sound and pressing either ";g"; or ";;"; to create the grace note, but it changes the playback
Specifically, how are you adding the snare sound? Are you using a midi keyboard or the simple/speedy entry tools? If you are using the Finale entry tools, make certain that the note entered is the same sound as the primary note. Because several sounds utilize the same staff placements it is possible that the entered pitch is a different sound.
I am using a MIDI controller using the same note for both.
Are you using Simple or Speedy Entry to enter notes?
Sent you a PM yesterday. If I could see a file with the problem it will help finding a solution.
I am having the same issue. Can you kindly assist also please?
I've received both emails and am reviewing the file.
There are two problems with the file.

The first is that it is not a Write Score template file. It appears to have been imported from Notion into Finale. For this reason none of the Percussion Layouts are available. This is the cause of the 'yellow' noteheads.

The cause of the sounds being 'incorrect' is because there are no Percussion MIDI Maps assigned to those staves. 

If you have purchased a Finale template package from The Write Score, then I suggest that you set up a blank copy of the score and then copy/paste the winds parts into the new Finale file. This is by far the easiest solution.

If you have not purchased a Finale package from The Write Score, then to use the Full VDL library it will require creating both the Percussion MIDI Maps and Layouts.

If you have not purchased the full VDL library and are using the VDL sounds included with Finale you will need to assign the MIDI Maps and select the corresponding Layouts. This option may also require some editing of both the MIDI Maps and Layouts.
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