Bartok Builds a Snowman (Season's Beatings)

A few small errors I've noticed in Bartok Builds a Snowman, from Jesse Mattson's Season's Beatings:

- timpani is instructed to tune "G to G#" in m. 6, but the low drum is already a G#

- similarly, "29"; drum to Bb" is an unnecessary instruction for timpani at m. 47, as the 29" drum is already at a Bb from m. 44

- mm. 48-49, M1 and M2 parts got switched. If sharing a marimba, this doesn't work, so play those two bars just like the first two of the piece.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but these seemed like errors to me. :-)

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Yikes. These are now on the list to fix on the next printing. We really appreciate you reporting these glitches. Sending these in helps insure the integrity of our music into the future. Thank you!
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