stuck during install

Purchased a new laptop after older one crashed.
Samsung Flip 7
Windows 10
I7 processor
12 gigs RAM
1 TB hd

Trying to install VDL from old 2.5 disk and can't get past Updating System Configuration. Please wait.. It's been here for over an hour. 
I am able to see the Tapspace folder in my start menu, but system will not load KontaktPlayer.  It's running in task manager, but not on screen. 

I force closed it out once just to see if it was ok.  It didn't work properly then, so I did a system restore to start over and try again.

Service center has been downloaded, installed, and my VDL copy is activated

Any ideas?
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If you've purchased a VDL 2.5.5 update, you don't need to run the old installer on the old DVD. In fact, it's old enough that the installer won't likely work reliably on Windows 10.

If you haven't purchased the 2.5.5 update, I'd recommend you pick up a ";VDL Replacement"; instead. Using this, you'll get the full library (also available as a direct download) and you wouldn't need the DVD for anything moving forward.
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