Is there a thread for re-installing VDL after a Mac-to-Mac migration?

Good afternoon,

I migrated from my old IMAC to my new IMAC.  I deactivated Sibelius and
was able to get that back up and running.  I went into the Native Instruments
Service Center and activated VDL 2.5.  However, I am not getting any sounds
when I playback a sound file using the 7.0a template. VDL is not available
in the manual sound sets.  I am also not seeing xml files in a sound folder within
Sibelius.  If you could provide me a link to thread answering this or help me
with this process, I would be most grateful. 
I am getting sound per my screenshot.  I  copied the Sibelius folder from my library on my laptop and installed in library/application/support/avid on my IMAC.  I am just not earring the sounds through the computer.  However, the sounds do not seem to load when I hit the spacebar when opening the music. 
Whoops, forgot the screenshot.
All right.  I have gotten the VDL sounds to play back.  It seems like there is a
Sibelius player issue.  Anyone have any ideas as to why the wind sounds show
that they are playing in their individual channels in the mixer but not in the slider
named ";Sibelius player";?  Please see the attached screenshot.
I don't think this is really an answer to your question (and I could be wrong on this), but I don't think the mixer in Sibelius is actually indicative of actual audio being produced (as you'd expect). It's more an indication that that track is sending midi data to whatever instrument it's set up to play. If there are issues with sound sets or instrument assignments, it's possible no audio will be generated while Sibelius still gives you visual feedback in the mixer that would lead you to believe it's actually supposed to be sounding properly.

The Sibelius mixer has always been a bit of a mess in my opinion. To tell if your instruments are set up properly, it's usually best to select the track, then deselect the trac, then tap around on your MIDI keybard and verify you're hearing the expected instrument.
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