New Laptop

Hi gang,

As some know, I've purchased a new laptop (after sending another one back last week).  And so I want to transfer VDL to my new tool.  I have the disc from my original purchase of VDL (with the serial number) but didn't purchase a disc drive on this laptop.  I could go get one but before I do, is there a way to download VLD online?  I did see there is a 2.5.5 but I was trying to download 2.5 first and somewhere on the site, it says that says you have to have a working copy of VDL to use the library update.


HP Envy
16GB Memory
1T Hard Drive
i7S processor

Congrats on the new laptop! First, here is a Knowledgebase article with some advice for installing VDL without a drive.

Secondly, you can order a replacement copy of your VDL library by ordering it online:

This will give you the latest VDL:2.5.5 version as well as a digital download copy. Once you submit your order, it will take 24-48 hours to process the information. You will need your serial number when placing the order.

Also, the license allows you to install VDL on two personal computers. If you have already authorized your original copy on two systems, you will need to fill out a support ticket. There we can talk you through the process of deactivating previous systems.

Best wishes!
Awesome Luke!  Thanks. . .I'll get working on that.  Seems the easiest path to me.

Luke, had everything working this morning. . .shut down the laptop and when I returned, went back into a recent file to play a change but no sound.  Went through a quick checklist without any luck.  I have the mixer open and can see the sound bars indicating playback but not getting any sounds from the speakers. . .and tried earbuds without success also.  Not sure what I'm missing.

Any suggestions?

Never mind Luke.  Found the answer.  In the Playback Device, under "active devices", I had to select VDL soundset.  Sorry for the fire alarm.

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