Drumset (Manual) Plays Marching SD Sounds

Using Sibelius 8.5.1, MBP OS 10.12.3, VDL 2.5.5 (Fresh reload)

This is a new one for me.
Loading the Drumset (Manual). Notes entered sound as a marching SD. The Drumset (Auto) appears to be fine.

Any thoughts?


Do you have any additional sounds loaded in Kontakt? You may need to add another instance of Kontakt Player in your Playback Configuration.
No luck with that. Went back to the beginning and tried making a new playback device, new everything....same result. However, when I open up Kontakt 5 as a stand alone player, the sounds are correct. It's something in the translation to Sibelius.

This is a recent issue. I have not had this problem in the past.
Also, when I open the Kontakt player through Sibelius, the sounds are correct.
I'm sorry, I was referring to having multiple instances of Kontakt open on the right side of your Playback Devices screen. The section that is marked "active devices" (See attached).

Increasing the amount of instances available sometimes corrects an issue similar to what you are describing. How many other sounds/instruments do you have in the score? How many samples are currently loaded?

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