Migration Assistant Failure

Hey all,

I just upgraded my 2005 Mac Pro to a new 27" iMac.  I'm super excited and have used the migration assistant to transfer all data from old Mac to new. As I'm checking all my software to make sure it's working appropriately, I noticed that VDL didn't make it through the transfer without issue.

As I opened Sibelius 7.5, in the start up menu a Kontakt screen showed missing files and they were all VDL files.  I've searched for VDL in spotlight search and only found the VDL 2.5.5 Library Update Folder.  Rookie mistake, I've already wiped my old Mac so I can't double check the pathways.  Any help to get me on the right path would be appreciated. 


27" iMac
3.2 GHz Intel Core i5
32 GB Ram
2TB Fusion Drive
macOS Sierra

Thanks for the detailed information. You will need some files from your original copy of VDL:2.5 to make the library work. In particular, you will need the .nkx files. You can see what you should be looking for by following this link:


If you can't seem to locate these files, then you will need to locate your original hard copy DVD of VDL:2.5. Or, you will need to order a replacement disk copy for $15. You can receive the replacement on DVD or as a Direct Download. You can order the replacement here:


If neither of those work, then feel free to fill out a support ticket and I can help you in more detail there.


Bets wishes! 

Thanks for your help.  I tried what was asked and I also tried other support links and I am still having the same issues.  I filled out the support ticket.  Thanks again for all your help. 

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