Performing a clean install

My MacBook Pro seems to be in need of a wipe and clean install of everything. What would I need to reinstall VD 2.5? Just the serial number? I can't remember if the software was a download or if it came on a disk.

Anything else I'll need before going forward?
If you bought VDL as a download, you should have an email (probably from with download instructions. Follow those and you'll be good to go with the latest version of the library (2.5.5) - it includes actual installation instructions. You will need your serial number to activate the library once it's added into Kontakt.

If you had the DVD version, it's possible you had an older version of the library. The simplest solution would be to get the downloadable replacement since it'll come with everything you need:

If you bought the 2.5.5 updater at some point (to update your older DVD library to the newer 2.5.5 version) you should have received an email receipt with a download link to that. That link has probably timed out though, so you'd need to fill out a support ticket to have it refilled. Keep in mind, the updater route will still require you to have access to your DVD.

My hunch is that the downloadable replacement may be your best route.

Good luck with the spring cleaning!
Thanks Jim. Will I need anything to activate it such as the serial number? Anything else I to do before the clean wipe?
Yes, you'll need your serial number to activate. Other than what I mentioned earlier, you should be good to go.

If you're not sure of your serial number, you can always retrieve it by logging into your account on the Native Instruments website.

More info here:

As always, if you run into any bumps during the install/activation process, feel free to fill out a support ticket and someone can help you out.
Hi Jim, is there a way to reinstall the OS and keep the current installation of VD 2.5? I'd rather not mess with a clean install if VD unless absolutely necessary. Cheers.
If you're doing a clean reinstall of your OS, wouldn't that mean you're essentially wiping all your system data and starting from scratch? Or are you simply updating your OS to a different version?

If it's the former, you'll probably be best off doing a clean install of VDL to ensure the library is properly activated and referenced correctly from Kontakt. If it's the latter, you can probably keep it installed, however you may still end up needing to reactivate as some of your preferences might be affected from the OS update.

I can relate to not wanting to reinstall, especially if you have a lot of software to do this with. If you do reinstall, however, it often results in the smoothest results with the least amount of troubleshooting. Once you're up and running, you shouldn't have to worry about it.
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