Updating concerns

So after 10 years of great usage my Mac Pro is gone for good.
Going to replace it and update Sibelius to newest version.
Are there major concerns or problems that anyone has encountered with the newset Sib 8.5? and Sierra OS. Also any problems with playback issues and VDL2.5.5 with all this?

Thanks for your feedback.
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10 years is a pretty good run. RIP, Mac Pro...

You should be in good shape with all the specs you list. Use Kontakt Player 5 for your VDL 2.5.5 library. Be sure you've correctly installed your template files from The Write Score. Sibelius 8.5 should work fine with Sierra, but as always, double-check with the developer (Avid) to be sure. I'm not aware of any pitfalls with the setup you're describing.

If your new machine doesn't have an optical media drive, you may consider grabbing the downloadable VDL "Replacement" which would give you the full/latest version of the library without needing to fuss with the Updater which requires you to drag around files from your DVD, creating a bit more room for error.

If you have other peripherals like MIDI keyboards that require a driver, audio interfaces, plugins, apps, etc, it's never a bad idea to check OS compatibility with those as well.

Good luck!
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