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When I purchased VDL in December of 2015, I used one of the two product keys on my old desktop, which soon after gave out, leaving me with only one key left. When I switched to my new desktop, I ended up using the other instance of the product key.

I'm looking at downloading finale and using VDL on my new laptop as well, however I'm curious as to if I can even use VDL since both product key instances have been used up. Is there a way I can redeem the one of the instances from my old desktop? I can provide proof of purchase and use if needed as well.

Hey Ben!

The software license does allow for the library to be installed on two personal computers. In order to open up an authorization, you will need to deactivate one of your old systems. Here is a link that explains how to deactivate the library on an older system -

If you no longer have access to one or both of those machines, then just fill out a support ticket and I will be happy to help you with the issue. Here is a link to the online support ticket -


Thanks for your assistance! I just filled out a ticket explaining my situation a bit better, and I look forward to resolving this!

Thanks again!

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